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We have extraordinary public land in America and OUR Mustangs are the American equivalent of Africa’s lions or elephants. How can Third World Africa save their wildlife and generate billions in ecotourism while OUR American government will not protect OUR wild Mustangs and historic burros? Will you allow them to continue that cruelty?

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Over 2 MILLION Wild Horses roamed America in the 1800’s. But by 1950 Wild Horses & Burros had been cruelly hunted for dog food, chicken feed, and to make way for livestock on America’s Public Range. A Nevadan woman, Velma Johnson, galvanized 100,000 school children to demand an end to the bloody carnage. In 1971, Congress unanimously passed the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act (WFRHBA) granting federal protection from capture, branding, harassment, or death to Wild Horses & Burros “where presently found”.  Yet today only 180 of the originally identified 339 herds remain in the wild on HALF of the original 53.5 million legal Herd Areas. Now there is only 1 wild horse or burro on nearly 1, 300 public acres – that’s 1,300 football fields!  Why?

The agencies appointed to implement the 1971 Act - the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the U.S. Forest Service - had serious conflicts of interest. Through four decades, they repeatedly favored the demands of corporate livestock, hunters’ preferred game animals like pronghorn antelope, elk and bighorn sheep, corporate energy (gas, oil, solar & wind power) and big mining.

On U.S. Forest Service Public lands in 2008, private livestock devoured 99.5% of forage while public Wild Horses and Burros consumed only 0.5% – an outrageous ½ of 1% of available forage. The BLM allows private livestock to graze on 160 million acres of YOUR Public Range while our unique Wild Horses & Burros only graze on 26.6 million acres. Yet they must share those acres with private cows that outnumber wild horses at an average of 50 to 1. Private livestock is heavily subsidized directly and indirectly by nearly a billion of YOUR taxpayer dollars each year! 

To justify removing Wild Horses & Burros from Public Land, government agencies claim that they destroy critical wildlife habitat and are overpopulating at the rate of 20-25% a year. But scientific reports state that stable family bands reproduce at only 10%. Furthermore, there is an equine contraceptive that is fairly inexpensive to administer where herd size needs to be reduced. Volunteer corps should be permitted to maintain vital waterholes and monitor herd size.

Instead, since 2001, the US Congress has given the BLM huge budget increases for aggressive removal of Wild Horses & Burros – thanks to powerful lobbies. Now, over 90% of BLM's annual budget ($64 million in 2010 alone) is spent on inhumane helicopter captures, holding and adoption placement. Government agencies use blanket closures, deception and restrictions at capture sites and holding facilities to keep the Public from properly viewing roundups or short & long-term holding facilities. 

Over 40,000 Wild Horses & Burros languish in holding pens primarily in the Midwest, stallions castrated and mares separated from their families forever. An independent statistical review using BLM's own numbers, reveals a population of less than 18,000 wild horses on Western ranges. Yet the BLM still claims there are over 32,000 horses after 12,000 were removed in 2010. We don't know the exact numbers because US gov’t agencies have never allowed a scientific, objective census.

America’s buffalo were nearly exterminated by the U.S. government and ranchers in the Nineteenth Century. Will YOU allow them to do that to our historic Wild Horses and Burros in the Twenty-First Century when we could be creating a multi-million dollar ecotourism industry to take tourists to see our stallions battling for dominance, mares disciplining playful youngsters and bachelor bands following the family herds?




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